We manufacture, produce and commercialize reinforced steel for concrete (welded meshes, rebars, lattice girders…) and other steel products like tubes and sheets. We have more than 30 years of experience.
We have three factories distributed throughout Spain: Dos Hermanas (Sevilla), Alicante and Pinto (Madrid).

This is the headquarter of our company. In this factory, we manufacture, produce and distribute the largest volume of varied products: rebars, welded meshes, lattice girders, steel tubes and sheets… Its location is as follow:

Address: Vereda del rayo, s/n. 41700. Dos Hermanas, Sevilla.
(Coordinates: Latitude: 37º17´54″   Longitude: -5º54´43″)
Postal Address:  Apartado de Correos 12.016. 41080. Sevilla.
Phone: 954 720 616 – Fax: 954 721 130

In this factory we manufacture and produce cold drawn steel and welded meshes. Besides, from here, we distribute all our products. Its location is as follow:

Address: St. Alisios, 35 (Parcel 60). Industrial Park Plá Vallonga. 03006. Alicante.
(Coordinates: Latitude: 38° 21′ 00″  Longitude: -0° 33′ 13″)
Phone: 965 110 451 – Fax: 916 816 852

It is a recent opening factory. Its principal activity is the production of cold drawn steel and welded meshes and the distribution of all our products. Its location is as follow:

Address: St. Publicistas,  7.  Industrial Park  Ampliación  Mateu  Cromo.  28320.  Pinto, Madrid
(Coordindates: Latitude: 40º 15′ 6” Longitude: -3º 41′ 44”)
Phone: 91 683 61 39 – Fax: 916 816 852



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