Meshes without overlap

Meshes without overlap
General characteristics and formats

These welded meshes not have any overlap band. Their grids are homogeneus until their ends.

Our meshes without overlap are manufactured according to the European standard EN-10080, in qualities of steel B500T and B500S, satisfing al the requerements established in the Spanish Regulation of Structural Concrete (EHE-08).

Reference Designation
Grids and diameters (mm)
dimensions (mm)
Weight of
package (kg)
C1504 M GP ME 150×150 Ø4×4 6000×2200 1900-2400
C1504 DSM ME 150×150 Ø4×4
C1505 DSM ME 150×150 Ø5×5
C1506 DSM ME 150×150 Ø6×6
C1508 DSM ME 150×150 Ø8×8
C1510 DSM ME 150×150 Ø10×10
C1512 DSM ME 150×150 Ø12×12
C2004 M GP ME 200×200 Ø4×4 6000×2200 1400-2400
C2004 DSM ME 200×200 Ø4×4
C2005 DSM ME 200×200 Ø5×5
C2006 DSM ME 200×200 Ø6×6
C2008 DSM ME 200×200 Ø8×8
C2010 DSM ME 200×200 Ø10×10
C2012 DSM ME 200×200 Ø12×12
R1504 DSM ME 150×300 Ø4×4 6000×2200 1400-1600
R1505 DSM ME 150×300 Ø5×5
R1506 DSM ME 150×300 Ø6×6
R1508 DSM ME 150×300 S Ø8×8
R2004 DSM ME 200×300 S Ø4×4 6000×2200 1200-1600
R2005 DSM ME 200×300 S Ø5×5
On request, we produce meshes with other diameters, grids and dimensions. Ask to our Commercial Department.
Mechanical characteristics
Quality and certificates
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