Spanish Standards

Regulation of Structural Concrete [EHE-08]
Spanish legislation: R.D. 1247/2008, of July 18th, approving the Regulation of Structural Concrete (EHE-08).

The seventh and eighth paragraphs of the article 81 and the Annex 19 are annulled by the Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), of March 1st 2012 [View] and the Judgment of the Spanish Supreme Court, of Septembre 27th 2012. [View]
Regulation of Structural Steel [EAE]
Spanish legislation: R.D. 751/2011, of May 27th, approving the Regulation of Structural Steel (EAE)
Building Technical Code – Steel [DB-SE-A]
Technical document os Structural Security: Steel
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